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Awesome Noel and family

It was a delight hosting Noel’s family in our awesome fully furnished one bedroom condo at Eastwood City during their family vacation. They were very appreciative and took good care of our unit. We’re so lucky we always have wonderful and interesting guests. We enjoyed our short chats with them — we gave them tips on how to enjoy Eastwood and they told us about life in London.

Funny story. Every now and then, people forget.  We have our aircon units professionally cleaned every several months, and we clean the removable filter after every guest leaves.  Once, a few weeks before the scheduled professional cleaning,  we forgot to clean the removable filter.  Then Noel and family arrived.  The next day they called and said their son is a bit sensitive to dust and asked if we can clean the aircon?

We were so embarrassed, so we rushed to Eastwood armed with a portable vacuum cleaner to at least clean the removable filter and exterior.   After cleaning the aircon and profusely apologizing (we normally clean everything, how can we forget the one time we have guests who are sensitive to dust?), we chatted with Noel and family.

When they left, we found the notes that Nathan (the son who is sensitive to dust) left on the guest book, and the first page had this:

Our Feedback
Overall, I enjoyed the stay. It’s welcoming, and it is comforting to return here after long exhausting days!

Thanks Mary Ann and Bobet for your generous services!!

Nathan aged 14
Rating 8.5/10

Nathan's Feedback

Nathan’s Feedback

And on the second page he wrote:

Air BnB Feedback
For Mary Ann and Bobet

WWW ( what went well )

  • Location of the apartment (very near shops and restaurants)
  • Quality of the kitchen, toilet and bedroom, including the bed and TV
  • The fantastic view
  • The access to the internet
  • Sofa – Bed was also comfy

EBI (even better if )

  • Improve the bedroom door, it is very squeaky
  • Air-con by the sofa bed us very noisy
  • bathroom would usually flood after showers


Well Nathan, we just put some oil on the bedroom door hinge, so it is no longer squeaky, After the scheduled professional cleaning of the aircon, it now purrs quietly like a contented cat. We put silicone gutters in the shower to keep the water inside the shower stall.

Thank you for the 8.5 out of 10 rating, and the constructive criticism, Nathan!
We trust you’ll find the condo a “10” and a much enjoyable place to stay in when you return!